Celebrating Fall

Being a semi-retired art teacher, it is often devastating that I cannot find time to do artwork of my own. I guess you can say for the time being- I live through my children’s artwork ;-) Here is a fun project that I use to enjoy doing with my preschoolers in school, and now LOVE doing with my children at home.

1.       Nature- leaves, twigs, pinecones, etc.
2.       Tempera Paint
3.       Construction Paper (any color, any size will do)
4.       Scissors (optional)
5.       Smocks
6.       Water and towel
7.       Plates for palettes (you can also use wax paper)

1.       Take your chitlins for a walk around town. Have them collect fall foliage (fallen leaves, sticks, pine cones, mums, etc.) and place them in a bag. Discuss the season autumn to enlighten them.

2.       Talk about what colors you see in spring (green leaves, purple flowers, etc.) Now talk about fall colors. Those are the only colors you will be using for this project.

3.       Here is the fun part. Notice how paintbrushes are NOT listed above? That’s because you are going to be painting with the fall foliage that you found around town. Paint with a twig, stamp with a leaf, roll with a pinecone. Remember, as we said in art school, “It’s the process, not the product” that makes art an experience to children.

4.       I took it one step above and cut leaf shapes out of their completed work.

5.       Enjoy!

Modifications: for slightly older children, have them paint something more specific (Example; a Halloween scene, a fall tree on a hill, etc.) using the items that you have collected.
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