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My oldest son (4 yr. old) has a severe addiction to apples. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “Wow, what a confession. My kid only drinks apple juice.”  How can I put this addiction into perspective? If you don’t enjoy apples (much like myself, shhhhh) go to the store and buy a fiber supplement. Got it? Good. Now take three times it’s recommended dosage then reread this blog tomorrow.  On your lap top. On the can. Needless to say I have cut his apple intake to two a day. I better do it now, because we are in the process of growing our own apple tree from the 50 seeds he collected from his eaten apples. I planted dollar bills in my dirt-filled cups. I’ll let you know how they both work out.
My oldest will eat any fruit you put in front of him. However, he is not a vegetable fan and always tells me that green things are “Yucky!” The only vegetable he will eat is carrots, and I quote “because they are orange.” I am convinced that if broccoli were, say purple, it be high on his list of foods to eat. Unfortunately it is green. Here ya go- if you are reading this blog and are a biochemist (which if you were a biochemist you probably have more important things to do) you could create purple broccoli. Just saying.
My daughter (2 yr. old), (second born diva type sista) will eat anything as long as there is blue cheese dressing on it- including salads. Weird- right? But don’t underestimate her vegetable-blue cheese dressing- eating power. This girl will go days where she takes only two bites of food per day and drink nothing but warm milk (eeewwww). It drives me crazy.
My third born (5 mo.) has just begun solids so he is too much of a novice to know there are such things like doughnuts and chips.

To keep my kids on track with eating more like a human, I:

  1. Hide vegetables as much as possible. Examples? If I make a fruit smoothie I throw in a broccoli crown, or any other green yucky food I can find. When I make food for them, like a staple amongst many households, macaroni and cheese, I add veggies in with it.

  2. I also offer veggies at dinner. They must try at least one little bite before they decide if they like it or not. Make it fun- let them dip it, cheese it- whatever it is they like to make it more enjoyable to eat.
Bottom line: Many of my classifiers (as well as myself) worry about their child’s intake of food. Each child is different. Offer a variety of food, but don’t worry or sweat it if they only eat a selected menu- or don’t eat much for a day- as long as you keep providing them healthy choices they will get what they need.
Links of the day: http://www.mypyramid.gov/ -everything you need to know about eating healthy for your child. With a plethora of information and fun widgets to play with!
http://www.parenting.com/recipes/picky-eaters/ Picky Eaters Anonymous. Parenting Mag tips, tricks, recipes and suggestions for picky eaters.

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